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The effect of the flat knit fabric singeing machine and the process adjustment
Jan 12, 2019

The flat-knit fabric singeing machine can be finished with singeing, that is, it can be singed after dyeing and drying, or it can be lightly determined by the setting machine. The singeing cloth has good top breaking force, the cloth surface is neat and clear, and the effect is consistent. Greatly reduce costs, low loss, low risk. The process can be adjusted according to the different processes of their respective manufacturers.

The problem that the flat knit fabric singeing machine needs to pay attention to and solve is to effectively prevent the fabric from curling, minimize the tension of the fabric, clean the surface of the fabric after singeing and provide a reliable suffocation fire. The products are mainly based on the domestic and international similar products, and rationalized design and adjustment, so that the structure of the product is more reasonable, simple, compact, easy to use and user-friendly. The tension of each part of the cloth can be flexibly adjusted by the touch screen. Ensure accurate control of fabric tension during singeing.

The simple air valve adjustment table in the flat knit fabric singeing machine, the flexible fire mouth spacing and angle adjustment device enable the operator to easily adjust the singeing process according to the difference of the cloth type. The built-in singeing ash blowing device can effectively Clean the surface of the cloth after singeing, reduce the smoldering, washing and drying.

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