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The latest development of denim indigo dyeing and sizing machine technology
Mar 06, 2018

Denim indigo dyeing and sizing machine in the use of time, pay attention to the denim warp dyeing and sizing (preparation process), in fact, that is, there will be three kinds of process routes, one of which is bound to be used pulp and mortar machine Dyeing combined process route, in detail refers to the warping, refers to the combination of dyeing sizing.


Denim indigo dyeing and sizing machine combination of another dyeing process, which means that the use of rope (beam) -based dyeing machine separate sizing process line is a ball warp - rope dyeing - yarn - Sizing; the best is a combination of circular dyeing sizing short process route, its process is similar with the syrup, but that is, when dyeing should pay attention to the use of a dye cycle dye.


After the actual investigation, we found that the denim indigo dyeing and sizing machine is the most widely used one. There are more than 200 pulp and paper production lines in Guangdong alone. The denim fabric produced by such combination machine accounts for the entire denim production 85% of the above, in this case, it is actually the main denim warp dyeing and sizing of the main equipment.


However, with the continuous development of the denim market, the ever-increasing competition, the continuous improvement of the quality requirements, the trend of using high-tech and new dyeing theories to arm and reform the cowboy indigo pulp and mortar dyeing machine is on the rise, especially in foreign countries Some well-known textile equipment manufacturers invest a lot of technical strength in this regard, and achieved some results.


Our company for denim indigo dyeing and sizing machine research is also actively carried out, the main will include solving the left and right color, reduce or even avoid the appearance of left and right color; Furthermore, the current study of the cow's indigo pulp dyeing machine But also to resolve the chromatic aberration before and after, to reduce or even avoid the appearance of chromatic aberration; now cowboy indigo pulp and dyeing joint function to reduce the difference between the cylinder and cylinder to improve the reproducibility of dyeing, of particular importance is to improve the automation equipment degree.

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