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The Main Features of Multi Color Rotogravure Printing Machine
Mar 31, 2018

In a machine using a multi color rotogravure printing machine, the graphic portion of the printing plate is concave, and the blank portion is in the same plane as the outer circumference of the printing plate cylinder. The printing products of this multi-color intaglio printing machine have the advantages of thick ink layer, rich layers, strong three-dimensional effect, and good printing quality. The multi-color gravure printing machine is mainly used for printing delicate color pictures, trademarks and decorating products. , securities and color newspapers.


Because the traditional multicolor intaglio printing plate's plate making process is more complicated, the cycle is long, and the benzene-containing ink pollutes the environment, it is limited in its promotion. However, as far as the current form is concerned, when the plate making process is shortened, the plate making time is shortened, and the actual use is made, the use of non-polluting inks can reduce the energy consumption and reduce the cost. These obvious advantages make It has become more and more extensive in development and application.


The main feature of the multi color rotogravure printing machine is that the graphics on the printing plate is partially concave, and the blank part protrudes, which is exactly the opposite of the layout structure of the letterpress printing machine. When the machine equipment is printing a single color, the printing plate is first immersed in the ink tank to perform rolling. At this time, the entire printing plate surface is also covered with an ink layer.


After that, the ink layer on the surface of the printing plate is scraped off by the blank portion, and the convex portion forms a blank space. At this time, the concave portion is filled with ink, and the deeper the concave portion, the thicker the ink layer. The machine transfers the ink from the recesses to the prints by pressure, and at this time we will get the printing products we need.


When multi color rotogravure printing machine prints multi-color printing, it will use overprinting method or indirect partial ink coating method to make various colors of ink distributed on the relevant part of the printing plate surface according to needs, and the basic principle of multi-color printing Same as monochrome printing. There are mainly two kinds of printing plates used for gravure printing machines, one is a photogravure, which is a shadow edition; the other is an engraving version.

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