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The main role of the yarn heat setting machine
Feb 19, 2019

The main function of the yarn heat setting machine is to shape the continuous thread, that is, to stabilize the twist under certain pressure and temperature conditions, so as to obtain a balanced non-twisted yarn. In this way, the yarn expansion ratio can be significantly reduced, the product feel and gloss can be improved, the yarn tension and strength can be improved, and the static electricity and the unbalanced stress of each part can be eliminated.

The yarn heat setting machine has stable performance and wide application range. The physical properties of the product after setting, such as strength and elongation, are not affected, and the knitting efficiency is obviously improved, and the warping and weaving efficiency is improved, and the dyeing is improved. Uniform cloth can also reduce the weight loss rate.

It can be seen that the shaping and finishing of the yarn heat setting machine can improve the yarn quality and make the hand feel softer and more comfortable. So far, the yarn heat setting machine has become an important part of the current textile process. It can compensate for the loss of yarn weight and improve the quality of the yarn. At the same time, it can improve production efficiency and improve product integration. quality.

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