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The problems currently in dyeing and finishing industry in China.
Aug 28, 2018

The improvement of yarn cone and warp beam dyeing process has promoted the technical progress of dyeing equipment. But at present, the bath ratio of cone yarn dyeing machine at home and abroad is 1:6-1:8 in foreign countries and 1:7-1:10 in domestic dyeing machine. Big bath ratio means high energy consumption, resulting in increased cost for enterprises. At the same time, the dyeing bath ratio is large, dyeing cycle is long, heating, cooling, bleaching and washing time accounted for more than half of the whole dyeing cycle, and consume a large amount of water, increasing the burden of production and sewage treatment. Ultra-low bath ratio technology is a research project of practical significance in today's dyeing and finishing equipment manufacturing industry, and it is also a key technology that can bring the overall industrial economic benefits to users.


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