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The problems of dyeing and finishing equipment in China
Aug 29, 2018

(1) Dyeing and finishing equipment has low efficiency and long processing time. The conventional cheese dyeing machine needs 8~14 h per vat.

(2) Pollution is High. Because the dyeing water bath ratio of the conventional cone dyeing machine is large, the dye liquor immerses the spindle in the dyeing process, and the dyeing of each vat needs more dye auxiliary dosage, the corresponding wastewater discharge is large.

(3)The consumption of water is much larger than that of foreign dyeing and finishing equipment, which is about 47%.

(4) High power consumption, the power consumption per ton of yarn in conventional dyeing machines is about 1900 ±  300 kW•h,it consumes about 47% more than foreign dyeing and finishing equipment..

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