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The purpose of soap washing after printing for knitted fabric
Sep 18, 2018

Knitted fabrics are soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable, with excellent elasticity and extensibility. Knitted clothes are comfortable to wear, fit well, and have no pulling tight feeling, which can fully display the human body curve. The printing production of knitted fabrics makes knitted fabrics rich in color, variety, favored by consumers, and printing demand has a greater development.Therefore, the printing varieties of knitted fabrics have important practical significance for the development of printing and dyeing enterprises and the improvement of economic benefits of enterprises.

Washing process of knitted fabrics after printing fixation is an important process before finishing. It plays a "pagoda knotting" role in printing engineering. It has a close relationship with the brightness of color and lustre of printed fabrics, the handle of the fabrics and the fastness to dyeing. Knitted fabrics have more sizing absorption and lower fixation rate due to their loosely structured fabric, and different printing dyes have different characteristics and difficulties due to the different characteristics of many fiber components of knitted fabrics, so reducing and preventing white stain is still a problem that must be faced. Therefore, the washing process of knitted fabric after fixation must be emphasized and must not be taken lightly.

Knitted fabric printing washing machine can choose low tension knitting with open continuous washing machine, can also use open - rope - Open combination structure washing machine; flat washing equipment, continuous flat washing equipment has been developed. At present, the loosen rope dyeing machine and overflow machine are still the main washing equipment for knitted fabrics after printing. In some small and medium-sized knitted fabrics printing enterprises, the intermittent rope dyeing machine is often used to wash the knitted fabrics after printing and fixing. The main reason is that the machine is simple, cheap and easy to operate. In general, the quality of washing can be up to the requirements of customers.


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