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What is the sanding?
Apr 03, 2018

Sanding is only a post-processing technology. It uses the friction between cloth and sanding machine, makes the surface of cotton fabric have a short fuzz.

The whole process is this: Impregnating raising agent at first, after drying and stentering, sanding on the special sanding finishing.


The cloth is smooth and flat after pretreatments (desizing, scouring, return bleaching, mercerizing, etc.). Sanding is to use the grit covered paper roller rub on the cloth surface .According to the different fabric covers the different number of sand paper, then the surface on the sand paper roller which is running at a high speed, to give a certain tension, after slowly passing the friction of the cloth with six sand paper rollers.  The cloth surface has thick fluff. It will change the structure and performance of the fabric surface and form a velvet feeling, just like peach skin. Therefore, sanding finishing is also called peach skin like finishing, sanding cloth also called peach skin fabric. According to the requirements of strength, sanding can be divided into deep sanding, medium sanding and superficial. Home textile enterprises will decide degree of sanding according to the thickness, product style, hand feeling and etc.

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