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Fabric Mercerizing Machine

  • Fabric Mercerising Machine

    Fabric Mercerising Machine

    KD-280 Type batching fabric mercerising machine is used for caustic soda mercerizing cotton & its blended fabric to increase the gloss and improve the affinity between water and fabric, the color uniformity improved, increased brilliance, decreased the consumption of...Read More
  • Continuous Clip Chainless Mercerizing Machine

    Continuous Clip Chainless Mercerizing Machine

    KD-220 Type continuous clip chainless mercerizing machine for ramie cotton and blended fabrics.Read More
  • Open-width Knitted Fabric Mercerizing Machine

    Open-width Knitted Fabric Mercerizing Machine

    Application KD-LMH828-240 Type open-width knitted fabric mercerizing machine is used for mercerizing of knitting fabric as cotton, TC and its blends fabrics, to improve the fabric luster, dimensional stability and hand touch. Open-width Knitted Fabric Mercerizing Machine...Read More
  • Knitted Fabric Mercerizing Machine

    Knitted Fabric Mercerizing Machine

    Based on the principle of mercerizing machine imported form German, this knitted fabric mercerizing machine is improved design for cylinder knitted fabric such as polyester cotton, polyester and cotton plated single jacquard and pure cotton with advantages of stable...Read More
  • Circular Knit Mercerizing Machine

    Circular Knit Mercerizing Machine

    TH Series circular knit mercerizing machine is special used for mercerizing the cylinder type cotton, cotton & polyester weft knitted fabric to improve luster, sizing percentage and strength.Read More
Wuxi Kangda is one of the leading fabric mercerizing machine manufacturers and suppliers certified by CE, ISO and DAS. Welcome to buy fabric mercerizing machine for sale at competitive price from us here. Also, customized service is offered in our factory.