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Achieve Accurate Inventory Control Of Printing Plant
Mar 23, 2018

At present, textile enterprises are more and more inclined to invest in small quantities and custom-made orders with faster rewards. At the same time, they are required to meet a varied design styles with varied colors. As the market demand is becoming more and more common, textile printing factory orders are changing from high-volume production to small-volume customization.
Digital printing equipment just right for this kind of production demand, but it brings advantages to textile and garment enterprises are far more than that. Kabi Digital CEO Gabi Seligsohn pointed out that the greatest contribution of digital printing to the entire industrial chain is the optimal management of the warehousing process. The same design of traditional printing requires a certain amount of production, but the clothing that cannot be sold becomes the stocks, and then there is a lot of rent, so companies can only think of ways to handle it at a low price. The advantage of digital printing is that in addition to printing products that can be sold out, companies store only white fabrics in warehouses. When new orders are available, they can still print white cloth in the warehouse, which helps save costs and warehousing management, there will not be a lot of stocks caused by unpopular clothing.