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Classification Of Screen Printing Machine
Jan 30, 2018

Screen printing machine is divided into vertical screen printing machine, oblique arm screen printing machine, turntable screen printing machine, four-column screen printing machine and automatic screen printing machine.

Vertical screen printing machine features: For high-precision printing, such as High-tech Electronics industry, overprinter multi-color, Dot printing. Compared with the oblique arm screen printing machine, the efficiency is low, but the precision is high.

Oblique arm screen Printing machine features: For the packaging industry, or local UV printing, high efficiency, but low precision;

Turntable screen printing machine features: For the apparel industry, or optical disc industry, the industry can not be positioned to take turntable;

Four-column screen printing machine features: For a large area of the industry, if the decoration, large glass and other industries.

Automatic screen printing machine features: Roll to the volume of pet, PP, PC, PE and other soft materials printing, is by feeding, printing and drying set in one process all completed, is the best choice for mass production;

Full-automatic elliptical screen printing machine features: mainly applicable to the printing of clothing pieces, can be printed glue, slurry, ink and other slurry.