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Classification Of Yarn Dyeing Machines
Jan 30, 2018

Yarn dyeing machine is commonly used in twisted yarn, cheese yarn and warp-axis dyeing machine.

① Twisted yarn dyeing machine: Mainly by square dyeing groove, bracket, yarn-carrying tube and circulating pump, is a batch dyeing equipment. The stranded yarn is suspended on the carrier yarn tube of the bracket and put into the dyeing groove. The dye is driven by a circulating pump and flows through the twisted yarn. Some models of the carrying yarn tube can also be slowly rotating, the tube wall has small holes, dye from the small hole jet flow through the twisted yarn. ② package Dyeing machine: mainly composed of cylindrical dyeing groove, package frame, liquid storage tank and circulating pump, is a batch dyeing equipment. The yarn is wound around a cylindrical reed tube or a porous conical tube and then fixed in the porous casing of the bobbin holder in the dye tank. The dye liquid flows through the circulating pump into the porous sleeve of the bobbin frame and flows outward from the inner core of the bobbin yarn. The reverse flow is done after a certain time interval. Dyeing bath than generally 10:1 or so.

③ through the axis dyeing machine: mainly by the cylinder-shaped dye trough, through the shaft, storage tank and circulating pump, etc., is intermittent dyeing equipment. Originally used for warp dyeing, it is widely used in the tissue of loose fabrics, especially in synthetic fiber warp knitting. When dyed, the warp or fabric is wound in a hollow warp shaft filled with small holes and then mounted in a cylindrical dye groove. The dye fluid flows through a hole in the hollow warp shaft through a spool of yarn or fabric under the action of a circulation pump and is periodically reversed.