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Contamination Caused By Chemical Reaction In Printing And Dyeing Process.
May 29, 2018

It is mainly manifested in the white ground and color ground staining that often occurs when the printing fabric is in washing, and the weaving color bar cloth (such as color weaving towels) is stained with each other in desizing, and the color fastness of the medium and dark color dyeing products is not good. In the blended textiles after printing and dyeing are stained with each other on different fibers in processing, such as dyeing cotton with disperse dyes in the dyeing for polyester cotton. In the dyeing for polyester spandex fabric, the stain of disperse dyes to spandex is easy to appear at about 100 ℃. The stain of white ground and light colorground of other parts in garment washing, and the stain of the white yarn during the weaving of color yarn.