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Domestic Loose Fiber Dyeing Machine
Jul 11, 2018

The fiber dyeing machine made in china is mainly the open type dyeing cylinder. The appearance is similar to the bobbin yarn Dyer. It consists of the main cylinder, the dye cage and the main pump. There is no cylinder head and auxiliary cylinder. This kind of dyeing cylinder has the special points such as low price, easy operation, compact structure, small area (only to space development). Before dyeing, the fiber is loaded into the dyed cage. After compaction, the dye cage is suspended in the main cylinder, and the main pump is directly started. The dyeing liquid is ejected from the porous core shaft of the cage under the action of the main pump, and then through the fiber layer, then back to the circulating main pump, and continuously from the inside to the outside to carry out the dyeing. The dyeing temperature and time are controlled by the operator. After dyeing, the residual liquid is released, and more water is added to wash or soaping to remove the floating color on the fiber. Then the dyed cage was suspended and the fiber was dehydrated and dried.