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Fiber Dyeing Process –Drying And Packing
Jul 24, 2018

After dehydration, there will be more residual moisture in the colored cotton fibers. The hot steam must be forced to flow on the surface of the wet fiber to evaporate the water to achieve a predetermined moisture content. The loose fiber drying equipment is mostly round or flat net hot air drying machine, and the rotary screen dryer is widely used for its high drying efficiency. The circular net dryer adopts the inner suction round net roller, and the part of the hot air inside each round net roller is flowing under the function of the exhaust fan, and with the humidity increasing, it is finally discharged outside the machine. The purpose of this design is to make full use of heat energy and improve the drying efficiency. By adjusting the dryer temperature and speed, the moisture regain of color cotton fibers can be controlled at 6%~10%. When drying cotton, wet cotton should be fully torn and padded into the dryer to ensure uniform moisture. After drying the color cotton, it is necessary to use hydraulic baler to compress loose fibers and bind them into a certain density and specification package. Packing is the last indispensable process in the processing of colored cotton. By packing, the cotton fibers of various colors can be classified into a specified density of about 450kg/m3) and are bundled, packed, and marked, so that they are made to improve the volume efficiency of storage or transportation.