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Fiber Dyeing Process –Fixation And Oiling
Jul 22, 2018

The color cotton series with deep color, such as deep red, dark green, dark black and deep blue blue, are very direct and difficult to wash out completely from the fiber. Therefore, the fastness of these colored cotton is not ideal, and it needs to be improved with the aid of the fixing agent. Most of the fixing agent is a polymer chelate, which can form a protective film on the surface of the fiber, or make the dye and fiber tightly connected to prevent the dyestuff from falling off the fiber and improve the color fastness.
In addition, the wax and lipid substances on the surface of the fibers are damaged and the handle is hardened before pretreatment and dyeing. Therefore, softener (film or silicone oil) and antistatic agent should be used more frequently than oil overtopping treatment to significantly improve the fiber handle and enhance the color cotton spinnability.