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Fiber Dyeing Process – Hydro-extraction
Jul 23, 2018

Dehydration is a process of using the high speed centrifugal dehydrating machine to dump most of the moisture (free moisture) in the cotton fiber after dyeing or finishing. It is convenient for processing in the process of the next process, as well as improving the efficiency of the drying cotton, and saving the dehydration of the raw materials, such as electricity and steam, including two forms: one kind is the artificial loading of the bulk fibers. The heavy manual operation is urgent to be reformed; the other is suspended in the form of a cake, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and avoids the loss of the fiber as a trend in the future of the fiber dehydrator. Centrifugal dehydrator mainly consists of rotating cage, central shaft, shell, column and so on. In the process of processing, the fibers are evenly placed in the cage. When the rotating cage is rotating at a high speed, the centrifugal force is produced, so that the fiber in the cage is pressed into the cage wall fiber from the hole in the cage wall. The dehydration efficiency of the cage is related to the speed and diameter. The time required for dehydration depends on the speed of the central axis, the diameter of the rotating cage and the density of the fiber cake. This kind of dehydrator is simple in operation and high in production efficiency. After normal dehydration, the water cut is about 30~35%. Its disadvantage is that it can not be dehydrated continuously and the utilization rate of equipment is limited.