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High Temperature And High Pressure Fiber Dyeing Machine
Jul 12, 2018

The open type dye vat is simple in equipment, but requires high skill and proficiency in the operation of the staff, and the on-site management is very difficult. In order to improve the production efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of dyeing operation, a number of domestic dyeing machine manufacturers have introduced a semi automatic fiber dyeing machine, that is, the control system of cylinder head, auxiliary cylinder and dyeing machine is added on the basis of open dyed VAT. By using the semi-automatic dyeing machine to control the computer, many dyeing process data can be input, modified and stored manually. When the automatic state is selected, the dyeing opportunity runs in turn according to the specified process program, which is convenient for operation and management, and can effectively improve the qualified rate of the dyeing product. The normal temperature an d atmospheric pressure dispersive dyeing machine is only suitable for the treatment of fiber materials with temperature below 98 degrees, such as cotton, viscose and wool fibers. For example, the high temperature and high pressure fiber dyeing machine needs to be applied if the polyester fiber is needed to be dyed.