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History Of Dyeing Machines
Jan 30, 2018
Since the 1960s, the new development of rope-like dyeing machine has a spray dyeing machine and overflow dyeing machine. The spray dyeing machine is a kind of intermittent dyeing equipment with high effect, and the tension of fabric dyeing is small, which is suitable for the dyeing of synthetic fabric with many kinds of small batches. Mainly by dyeing trough, ejector, guide cloth pipe, heat exchanger and circulating pump and so on. When dyed, the fabric is connected to the end by the guide cloth roll fabric from the dye bath, depending on the ejector jet flow driven in the guide cloth forward, and then fall into the dye trough is a relaxation of the bending dip in the dye bath and slowly move forward, and by the Guide cloth roll again to lift the cycle of operation. The dye is driven by a high-power pump, through a heat exchanger, which is then accelerated by the ejector. Bath than generally for 5:1~10:1. In the overflow dyeing machine, the fabric falling from the guide roller is driven by the dye flowing out of the overflow groove, enters the guide pipe, and falls into the dye trough. Bath ratio is about 20:1~30:1. Some equipment has overflow and spray two kinds of devices, can be used according to need.