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Influence Of Water Quality Change On Dyeing Uniformity
Jun 06, 2018

According to the comparison of dyeing effect of different treatment methods of waste water. Analysis the effluent that up to the discharge standard is reused for bleaching and dyeing production. The main reason why the product is easy to produce dyeing defect is that the conductivity of water is high. And through analysis the example of reactive dyestuff and water-quality electrical conductivity at each stage of dyeing, it is proved that a large amount of anhydrous sodium sulfate and soda ash ,increased the metal ions in the water, which is the main reason for the high conductivity of the waste water. It is pointed out that the reuse of bleaching and dyeing wastewater should pay attention to the conductivity of the wastewater, but the conventional sewage treatment method can not effectively remove the metal ions which lead to the high conductivity of the wastewater, must be removed through the reverse osmosis membrane treatment.