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ITMA2018 International Textile Machinery Exhibition Press Conference
Oct 30, 2018

The organizers of this textile machinery exhibition held a press conference and organized a seminar to guide the industry to focus on innovation and intellectual property protection. In addition, various industry publishing activities have been held during the exhibition to explore the trend of the terminal market and promote the interaction between upstream and downstream industries.

2018 the press conference of textile machinery exhibition attracted nearly 100 media from around the world. Organizers introduced the basic situation and highlights of the exhibition, and answered the current industry hot spots.


The 2008 Textile Machinery Exhibition "Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection Seminar" was held. The industry colleagues exchanged and shared the system support and legal protection of intellectual property.


In order to encourage research and educational institutions to display the latest research results and promote the in-depth integration of school-enterprise cooperation, the first "Research and Innovation Zone" set up by the textile machinery exhibition in 2018 attracted a large number of audience.