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Mercerizing Process
Jan 30, 2018

1, first drift after the silk:

Mercerizing effect is good, the waste alkali is more net, but the whiteness is poor, easy to stain, suitable for fabric, especially thick fabric.

2, the first silk after drift:

Good whiteness, but poor gloss, bleaching fiber vulnerable to damage, suitable for bleaching cloth, calico

3, after dyeing mercerizing:

Suitable for easy abrasion or not easy to evenly dyed varieties (after mercerizing, fabric feel harder, dye faster) dyed dark in order to improve the fabric surface effect and color fastness, as well as some of the high gloss requirements of varieties, can also be dyed with mercerized.

4, the original billet mercerizing:

Individual dark varieties (aniline black) can be directly mercerizing after singeing, but the waste alkali contains heteropoly, bring trouble for recycling, rarely used.

5, dyeing the first half mercerizing, after dyeing conventional mercerizing:

In order to improve the adsorption of dyes and chemical reactivity.

Mercerizing of cotton cloth mercerized and wet cloth mercerizing two kinds, because the wet cloth mercerized moisture more difficult to control, so the dry cloth mercerized more.

Other hydroxide of alkali metal has a certain puffing effect on cellulose fiber, but its expansion capacity with the increase of atomic weight and ↓, and high cost, so only caustic soda Hewes practical value, some acid and salt solution (H2SO4,HNO3,) can also make cellulose fiber puffed, obtain mercerizing effect, but the actual production has difficulty, Lack of practical significance.

Anhydrous ammonia due to small, high purity, is also an excellent expansion agent, the the 1960s has not been a mercerizing study, its product gloss and dyeing properties are less than alkali mercerizing, but soft, dimensional stability and high wrinkle resistance, so in recent years as a mechanical shrinkage, resin finishing in combination with the application of a new technology, Called Liquid ammonia finishing.