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Principle Of Mercerizing
Jan 30, 2018

Rational Theory of water

(1) Caustic soda and natural cellulose (cellulose) function, the formation of alkali cellulose, there are two main types:

① alcohol compounds:

② molecular compounds (additive compounds):

Both products are unstable, after washing hydrolysis into hydrated cellulose, and then through dehydration after drying that becomes mercerized cellulose (cellulose Ⅱ) The entire process of cellulose changes are expressed as follows:

Cellulose Ⅰⅱ thus causes the physical and chemical properties of cotton fibers to change with each other, showing excellent performance

(2) The reason for the drastic irreversible swelling of cotton fiber after concentrated NaOH treatment is: The sodium ion is small in size, and it can enter the crystalline region of the fiber, and Na is a very hydrated ion, surrounded by as many as 66 water molecules around a na, forming a hydration layer when NA When entering the fibre and combining with the fibre, a large amount of water is also brought in, thus causing severe swelling, because can enter the crystal zone, therefore, swelling is irreversible.

(3) This swelling is affected by the temperature:

(4) Swelling is also affected by NaOH concentration and neutral salts,