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Printing And Dyeing Machinery Comparison At Home And Abroad
Mar 16, 2018

In recent years, China's dyeing finishing machinery and mechatronics are improved, the application of electronic technology continues to expand. Emphasizes modularization and building blocks in the product design; the electrical drag is stable and reliable, the tension is adjustable, and the man-machine-environment is fully coordinated. However, China's dyeing and finishing equipment compared with the advanced level at abroad, there is still a considerable gap. Such as poor automation and program control, online monitoring is not really solved; remote monitoring and fault diagnosis technology can not do that in our country; quantitative titration, automatic feeding don’t has not matching. The main gaps in the following areas: Dyeing and finishing process parameters on-line detection: in dyeing and finishing pre-treatment, mercerizing, dyeing, steaming and setting, the on-line detection of some process parameters has been the key technical problem of printing dyeing and finishing, its main requirement is in the dyeing and finishing to detect,convert and control the parameter signal in the rapid change of parameters, and work steadily and reliably. The key problem at present is to develop sensors that can detect the parameters of color difference, alkali concentration, concentration of hydrogen peroxide and so on . After getting these parameters to adjusted and controlled in time in production, can greatly improve dyeing and finishing quality, reduce consumption, improve rate of producing, to achieve higher reproducibility and keep the process stable.

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