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Safety Operation Rules For HTHP Overflow Dyeing Machine(一)
Jul 04, 2018

Before startup of HTHP overflow dyeing machine
1. Carefully check screen filter and clean up
2. Carefully check thermometers, pressure gauges and other instruments are intact
3. Carefully check the motor, circuit, lighting system is intact
4. Check the glass of mirror. If it breaks, replace it immediately
5. Check whether all valves (steam valves, safety valves, recoil valves, traps and all water valves) and steam pipes are intact. In particular, the safety valve must be able to work normally.
6. According to the varieties of cloth, the sprinklers need to be replaced if they need to be replaced.
7. Check cylinder head screws, do not complete immediately fill up. Tightening the cylinder head screws should be tightened diagonally before tightening. 8. Before entering the water, turn on the cooling water valve of the mechanical seal of the main pump to prevent damage caused by overheating.

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