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Safety Operation Rules For HTHP Overflow Dyeing Machine(三)
Jul 06, 2018

Rising temperature and pressure for HTHP overflow dyeing machine
1. Before opening the engine, steam heating shall not be allowed. When the machine is running, the dye solution should exceed the lowest point inside the storage box, and the cooling water must be drained before heating.
2. According to the production process sheet, carefully check the product material, auxiliaries, whether the dye chooses the correct process according to the process sheet. Check the correctness of each step.
3. Operation, the operator must not leave the post, sleep post, should check the pressure in the cylinder and the exchanger pressure at any time. (the rated working pressure of the cylinder body is 0.25 Mpa, the rated working pressure of the exchanger is 0.3MPa). When the safety valve is steam, the steam valve should be shut down and the steam valve should be closed immediately; if the safety valve is still not taken, the pressure relief valve must be opened to return the pressure back to the rated working pressure. If the safety valve fails, it must be replaced immediately after the cylinder is completed.
If the cloth is suspended during operation, measures should be taken immediately, but the cylinder head must not be opened. If the impulse is still suspended, it is necessary to cool down and pressure down before opening the cylinder head for processing.

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