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Speed Is No Longer The Weakness Of Digital Printing
Mar 21, 2018

For a long time, the mode of production of green environmental and  instant printing is paid attention to by business, but due to the factors such as slow speed and high cost, the application of digital printing equipment has been limited. However, the equipment exhibited by the makers in ITMA2015, we can see the phenomenon that speed is the “short leg” of digital printing equipment has become the past. Digital printing equipment already has the technical level for batch actual production.
The printing speed of LaRio digital printing machine which is exhibited by the Italian company MS is up to 4500 m/h, the high image analysis speed is up to 35 m/min, and the resolution is up to 600 dpi by 600 dpi. It changed the situation that the speed of the digital printing machine can not be compared with the rotary screen printing machine. Under the same or lower cost of operation, LaRio can save much more time of the production,compared with the traditional rotary screen printing machine, without the limits of pattern return and color.

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