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Strengthen Management And Take Precautions
Jun 01, 2018

Printing and dyeing enterprises should at least accomplish the following aspects:

1. Be careful in the process of loading and unloading the original grey cloth in and out of the factory, to prevent contamination of falling to the ground.

2. Strengthen inventory management, cloth storage should be orderly, easy to find cloth, distribute cloth and take cloth, to avoid messing up the footprints and so on.

3. Dye room, laboratory, chemical materials room should be located at wind outlet of the dyeing workshop, after finishing workshop, to prevent wind blowing the material and staining.

4. The cloth feeding and discharging trolley in the long processing workshop should be checked and cleaned in time; the barrels and other utensils for dye chemical auxiliaries should be rinsed clean.


5. Keep the floor environment around the workshop and dyestuff clean. No sewage or dyestuffs can be left to prevent cross contamination due to personnel flow.

6. Dye vat, auxiliary vat, dehydrator, filter screen, expansion machine, dryer, setting machine and other equipment should be cleaned and checked in time to prevent staining color and hair head.

7. During the processing, due to cylinder blockage or machine failure and other causes, the cloth needs to be pulled out and repaired. Attention hould be paid to cleaning the pedals and ground. It's better to use a clean trolley to pick up the cloth