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The Advantages Of Screen Printing Machine
Jan 30, 2018

1, screen printing machine unique variable frequency speed regulation device, printing speed by 20~70 printed per minute;

2, the electronic counter can accurately adjust the number of times, the total number of automatic downtime;

3, screen printing machine has multi-color printing eye devices, fine-tuning operation, to the point of the color accuracy, improve the printing quality;

4, screen printing machine suitable for printing large area background, fine words, outline points, are clear and bright does not fade;

5, ink adhesion, ink layer thick, do not fade, do not fade, nano-weather good, bright color;

6, screen printing machine can be connected to UV dryer/glazing die-cutting Machine/slitter/cutter machine/rewinder or used alone;

7, screen printing machine using the world's best built-in servo motor, user-friendly design, conducive to operation;

8, the operation is easy to reduce the test version of the high price of printing material loss.