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The Current Trend Of The Development Of Dyeing And Finishing Equipment
Mar 13, 2018

In the past two years, new process, new technologies and new equipment for dyeing and finishing are spring up constantly at home and abroad, showing the booming momentum of the global printing and dyeing machinery industry. Energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency are the direction of the sustainable development of dyeing and finishing industry in the 21st century. The new technology such as short process and automation technology, no-plate printing technology and low-temperature plasma treatment and the non-water processing technology are the development trends in the future dyeing and finishing machinery. To environmental protection, energy saving, time-saving and efficient, short process development, emphasis on anhydrous processing technology, no plate printing technology, low temperature plasma processing and other new technologies; Another important trend is the widespread use of automation technology, transmission system using AC frequency converter Multi-unit speed control system. In the control system, widely used programmable logic controller (PLC) or industrial personal computer(IPC), online monitoring of  parameters, improved the degree of automation of dyeing and finishing equipment, process stability, reproducibility can be greatly improved.

Dyeing and finishing production presents the development trend of short process and high efficiency. The short process and high-efficiency process equipment is suitable for the process include cold pad-batch pretreatment, wet short-steam pretreatment, batching and mercerizing, cold pad dyeing, wet short steaming dyeing, roll pad yeing and high feeding equipment.

The trend of personalized, comfortable, functional and fashionable textiles impels the development of dyeing and finishing equipment to accommodate the trend of adapting to small batch, multi variety and multi use of one machine.

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