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The Effect Of Dyeing Process On Dyeing Quality
Mar 30, 2018

(1) The main factors affecting the quality of the overflow dyeing reactive dye are dye and adding method, dyeing temperature, type of salt and alkali agent, dosage and adding method, dyeing time, dye bath ratio and etc. Among the above factors, except for the way of adding dye, salt and alkali agent, the other factors only affect the shade of fabric color, that is  the factors that affect the fixation rate of reactive dyes.
(2) For disperse dyes. The rate of disperse dyestuff can be increased below 90 ℃. When temperature is above 90℃, especially near 130℃, it is necessary to control the heating rate and make it slowly approaching the dyeing temperature, so as to avoid uneven dyeing. Disperse dye is affected strong by temperature, so in the temperature area of absorption, increase the number of circulation of fabric and dyeing, dye, can make the dyestuff and temperature evenly distributed in the room.
When the dyeing is finished, it begins to slow down the temperature so as not to crease the fabric caused by the sudden cold. When it is reduced to 100℃, the fast cooling can be used,down to 80 ℃, and then can do the overflow cleaning ,reduce the temperature in  dyeing room further. If discharged water and inlet at a higher temperature, it is very easy to form the fabric creases and affect the dyeing quality.