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The Influence Of The Speed Of The Capstan And The Pressure Of The Nozzle On The Dyeing Quality
Mar 28, 2018

The fabric in the dyeing room is pulled into the nozzle by capstan. The nozzle is ring type outlet, the dye liquor is jetted from the interspace of the nozzle, with the pressure of nozzle, the dye jetted on the rope fabric, to change the folded position of the fabric in a dyeing chamber because of accumulation. The speed of the fabric is determined by the speed of the capstan and the pressure of the nozzle. In the temperature zone of the fabric that absorbs the dye, increase the cycle times of fabric, which improves the running speed of fabric, is conducive to the fabric level dyeing. When the amount of liquid is certain, by increasing the liquor flow (increasing nozzle pressure), the bumber of cycles can be increased, Increase the temperature of the dyeing machine and the uniformity of the distribution of the dye, increases the times of contacting fabric and dye, to shorten dyeing time. To improve the fabric speed and increase circulating number, at the same time,should pay attention to the interaction between the capstan speed and nozzle pressure, otherwise it will directly affect the quality of products.

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