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Type And Function Of Mercerizing Machine
Jan 30, 2018
According to the transverse tension spreading device of cotton knitted fabric after dipping lye, the mercerizing machine is different, can be divided into the following types: (1) The expansion of the spring expander, friction rollers to prevent the fabric from transverse contraction; (2) The cylinder diffuser is applied to the radial tension of the cylinder fabric, (3) The compressed air is blown into the cylinder fabric to form a drum (4) the diameter adjustable cylinder expander and the inflatable combination of the cylinder fabric radial tension, and spray the light lye. The 1th type of mercerizing machine is the flat spread of the cylindrical fabric, and the 2nd to 4th type of mercerizing machine is the radial expansion of the cylinder. The 3rd kind of mercerizing machine and the 4th kind of mercerizing machine, in addition to the fabric has the expansion function, but also to the cylinder knitted fabric has to reduce the curved dimension oblique, eliminates the processing to produce the crease and the side crease effect.