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Stenter And Setting Machine

  • Carpet Stenter Coating Machine

    Carpet Stenter Coating Machine

    KD Series carpet stenter coating machine is special equipment for carpets in coating and dry baking after treatment.Read More
  • Zipper Ironing And Setting Machine

    Zipper Ironing And Setting Machine

    The zipper ironing and setting machine is mainly suitable for drying setting and ironing of all kinds of zipper fabric , the machine has the advantages of small occupation area, high drying efficiency, convenient operation.Read More
  • Garment Setting Machine

    Garment Setting Machine

    KD-E551 Type knitted garment setting machine adopts the design of superheated steam heating, rapidly cooling setting. It is a new kind of after finish machine for woolen sweater.Read More
  • Yarn Heat Setting Machine

    Yarn Heat Setting Machine

    KD-471-6 Type yarn heat setting machine is mainly used for sizing of twisted silk, cotton yarn or synthetic fiber to keep their twist in steady.Read More
  • Tubular Heat Setting Machine

    Tubular Heat Setting Machine

    KD Series tubular heat setting machine for polyester and polycotton tubular knitted fabric, to do process of heat setting.Read More
  • Knitted Fabric Heat Setting Machine

    Knitted Fabric Heat Setting Machine

    KD Series knitted fabric heat setting machine is suitable for setting of warp-knitted fabric or other knitted fabric.Read More
  • Textile Stenter Machine

    Textile Stenter Machine

    KD Series textile stenter machine is widely used in the dyeing and finishing process of cotton fabric with pulling the picture after finishing processing textile stenter finishing up to the required working width in order to improve product quality.Read More
  • Double-layer Hot Air Stenter Machine

    Double-layer Hot Air Stenter Machine

    KD-KZM-240 Type double-layer hot air stenter machine is appropriate for knitted fabric, warp-knitting and other fabrics, to do stenter and setting. It has new and special design, structure is reasonable, it can save workshop’s space and energy. This machine is the newest...Read More
  • Heat Setting Stenter

    Heat Setting Stenter

    The heat setting stenter machine is suitable woven fabric heat setting , drying , stentering and so on. The HuaBang heat setting stenter gives you a wide range of options to let you be able to process the fabric the way you like it.Read More
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