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Loop Steamer Machine

Loop Steamer Machine

KD-200 Type loop steamer machine is used for steaming fixation and drying of natural fiber, synthetic fiber, chemical fiber and blended woven、knitted and non-woven fabric, gram weight of each square meter : 56~450g/m2.

Product Description

1. Model: KD-200

2. Loop steamer machine direction: left hand or right hand

3. Clother drive roller width series: 2000mm

4. Fabric width series: (single width or double width) 1800mm.

5. Fabric content: 350m(content of single width, single layer)

6. Loop length: 1.25~2.5km,regulation ratio 1﹕2

7. Max fabric speed: 40~50m/min

8. High temperature heating source:

Indirected heating: Light diesel oil、middle light diesel、heavy oil、natural gas、city gas、superheated steam.

Directed heating: Electricity.

9. Medium of temperature and steaming:

Saturated steam: 100℃

Low temperature superheated steam: >100℃~115℃

High temperature superheated steam: 150℃~185℃ and above 185℃

Dry & hot air: 150℃~185℃ and above 185℃

10. Steaming time:

According to fabric speed and fabric content: 1.75~35 min

2.1~42min(fabric content:210m,fabric speed: 5~50m/min)

11. Fabric in & out method:

Fabric in & out device placed in front and back sides or the same sides. Applicable for single width、single layer、single width、double layers、double width double layers、woven fabric and knitted fabric. No Sublimation and pollution when absorbing dye, single width double layers and double width double layers will achieve only knitted and woven fabric without crimping.

12. Transmission method: frequency conversion motor.

13. Suitable fabric:

Steaming fixation and drying of natural fiber、synthetic fiber、chemical fiber and blended woven、knitted and non-woven fabric, gram weight of each square meter : 56~450g/m2

14. Suitable dye:

Direct dye、reduction dye、active dye、disperse dye、acid sundries、metal chrome dye、coating and salt tsuen dye etc.

15. Min. steam pressure:0.3 Mpa

16. Max. allowable temperature of condensate water: 60℃

Single Layer-Single Width Same Side Fabric In and Out


Single Layer-Double Width Same Side Fabric In and Out


Single Layer-Double Width Different Side Fabric In and Out


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