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NTNP Overflow Dyeing Machine

NTNP Overflow Dyeing Machine

KD-GM38 Type NTNP overflow dyeing machine is mainly used for bleaching and dyeing various natural fiber fabric with weight in 50~1000g/square meter under normal temperature normal pressure, as well as some blended fabric, such as rayon, acrylic, polyester etc. For each slot of frivolous fabric inside can handle two cloths at the same time.

Product Description

NTNP Overflow Dyeing Machine Applications

This machine is mainly used for bleaching and dyeing various natural fiber fabric with weight in 50~1000g/square meter under normal temperature normal pressure, as well as some blended fabric, such as rayon, acrylic, polyester etc. For each slot of frivolous fabric inside can handle two cloths at the same time.

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NTNP Overflow Dyeing Machine Flow Chart


NTNP Overflow Dyeing Machine Working Principle

The end-to-end ring-form cloth will be raised by the Cloth-lifting Wheel in the front cylinder and then be soaked into the double-stream sprayer and brought to the back cylinder through the Cloth Conducting Tube and Cloth Placing Tube and at last it will be placed orderly at the end of the cloth groove. Then under the effect of the weight of the cloth itself and the suction of the cycling pump, the cloth will slip to the front of the cloth groove and then the cycling of the whole dyeing process will be realized.


NTNP Overflow Dyeing Machine Main Technical Parameter

























NTNP Overflow Dyeing Machine Details

Condition: New

Automatic Grade: Automatic

Original: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: KD

Model Number: KD-GM38

Voltage: 380V, 220V

Power(W): 30kw

Dimension(L*W*H): 4650*3750*3650mm

Weight: 1000kg

Certification: ISO9001,CE, DAS etc.

Warranty: 13month

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

MOQ: 1 set

Packing: Standard container

Delivery date: 20 days after confirmation


KD-GM38 Type NTNP Overflow Dyeing Machine Technical Features

1. Textile hoisting system: Drive type textile hoisting system can reduce sliding problem between textile and hoisting rollers, and improve hoisting strength of hoisting roller, ensure that roller and textile synchronously operate, with the help of guide roller, textile come into the nozzles in the most orderly way.

2. Nozzle: provide the most soft textile treatment and optimal exchange conditions between dye liquor and textile, this nozzle provide stronger seepage force and more efficient fabric delivery capacity, textile is full surrounded by dye liquor in the nozzle, so textile in the nozzle is under slack condition to avoid fluffiness.

3. Textile kink self-unwrapping device: once the textile on front end of nozzle kink, this device will stop the circulating pump immediately, at the same time lifting the rotary drum rotate in opposite direction, until the textile return to normal operation, then automatic operate in positive direction, this device doesn’t need manual open the door or press the button to correct kink problem.

4. Fabric speed system: textile hoisting system and plaiting system operate synchronously, ensure textile take full advantage of fabric, to achieve max. Fabric load capacity and decrease textile kink.

5. Liquor separation and collecting system: Liquor separation and collecting system ensures max. Loading textile capacity, reduce water consumption and max. Circulation rate of each tank. Liquor separation system also has one built-in fabric shake, drain the superfluous dye liquor to dye liquor place before textile accumulate in the fabric storage tank, then circulate, the circulation rate will be increased and get more uniform dye efficiency.

6. Washing system: the liquor separated from textile will be collected and guide to overflow gullet and drain, it won’t be re absorbed by textile, foul and foam float on the liquid level will be drained through collecting pipe, so that the washing water efficiency is high, save water supply volume and strengthen textile dyeing quality.

7. Drive model: hoisting system equipped with stepless speed change, frequency converting control reduction gear motor drive.


Advantages of KD-GM38 Type NTNP Overflow Dyeing Machine

1. The dyeing machine is higher versatility, when light and thin materials processed no adjustment is need to smooth fabric running.

2. It process shorten time, total processing time as 5 hour(dark shape);

3. Lower liquor ratio, liquor ratio of 1:4~5 and smooth fabric running are maintained of capacity of within 70~100%;

4. Reduction of electrical power consumption, reduction of water consumption、steam electricity, saving on effluent treatment.


KD-GM38 Type NTNP Overflow Dyeing Machine Configure List



Main Parameter



All of parts contacting with dyeing materials are made of SUS 316L

Door Cover


Fabric Storage Net Plate

With Teflon pipe inside

Level Indicator

Magnetic roller display, high/low level control

Base Support

SS 304 

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger

Tube arrange type, material:SUS321


filter screen,material:1Cr18Ni9Ti


Front nozzle and back nozzle(Φ120 diameter)

Fabric Lifting Parts

Lifting Motor

Horizontal motor, frequency inverter control

Lifting Wheel

SS plate made

Fabric Delivery System

Delivery Motor

Gear down motor ,inverter control

Fabric Delivery Wheel

SS square tube made

Entwist Delivery

Fabric Block Up Plate

SS net plate made

Alarm Switch

High sensitive magnetic sensor

Pipe System

Return Pipe


Nozzle Liquid Input Pipe


Rinsing Pipe


Heating/Cooling Pipe


     Control System

Dyeing pump

SUNTEX Patent Dyeing Pump

Dosing Tank

Stainless steal, thickness :2 mm (one set)

Dosing Dyestuff Pipe

Equip with heating, rinsing , draining , return and circulation .

Main Pump

Main Pump

SUNTEX made , high anti-abrasive mechanical seal

Main Pump Motor

Made by WANNAN

Main Tank Valve Control

Main Tank Water Inlet , Draining , Overflow

Pneumatic butterfly valve

Steam Heating Valve

Pneumatic film valve

Cooling Inlet and Outlet Valve

Pneumatic film valve

steam Trap Valve

Inverted Bucket Type

Electric Control System


SETEX 737TYP (with the language of English and Chinese)

Main Pump
     frequency Inverter

Delta from shenzhen

Lifting Inverter

Delta from shenzhen



Pneumatic Controlling Components

Siemens from Suzhou

Electrical Cabinet Body

SS made, appearance coated by plastic.

Operation Box

From Korea

Pneumatic Control Box

SS made, appearance coated by plastic .

Dosing Dyestuff Controlling

Automatic dosing system


Safe accessories

Safety Valve

Heat exchanger

Pressure Meter

Main tank , heat exchanger , nozzle

Moving Coil Type Thermometer

0-120 °

Spare parts

Manhole Ring

Seal Ring


Heat Exchanger

Seal Ring


Black lead loop

Main Pump

Mechanical seal

Dosing Pump

Mechanical seal

Spare Parts:

1. 10 pcs silicon rubber for roller

2. 2 sets of rubber seals for glasses

3. nozzle&motor bearings

4. 2 sets chemical tanks (with mix and heat)

5. 1 telfron net plate for additional

6. certifications for your request

7. Nylon film cover on machine,spare parts in wood case

8. FAG brand bearing

9. Air head(3 ways-20pcs.2 ways-10pcs.1 way-20 pcs)

10. Air tube(8mm-1 box.6mm-1 box)

11. Pneumatic valves, manual valves, safety valves-each 4 pcs

12. Flags-for welding


Packaging and Shipping


Our Certifications


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