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Continuous Multi Chamber Rope Washing Machine

Continuous Multi Chamber Rope Washing Machine

This continuous multi chamber rope washing machine can be widely used in various cylindrical fabrics of silk fabrics, towels and knitted fabrics (circular machines or trolley products), and loose-type cord washings after fixation of the printed gray fabric after slitting, or rinsing and bleaching of the above products. The application of the process.

Applications of Continuous Multi Chamber Rope Washing Machine

Applicable to the tube fabric and various silk fabric, towel and the knitted grey fabric (big circular machine or trolley products) extensively stamp-tax cloth the lose type rope form washing which is through solid color wash, the avove mentioned product wash, the application of the bleach craft.

Continuous Multi Chamber Rope Washing Machine.jpg

Continuous Multi Chamber Rope Washing Machine.jpg

Continuous Multi Chamber Rope Washing Machine Technological Process (Refer To Process Flow Diagram)

Open-width feeding →3 bowl squeezing washing→ traction padder → rope form feeding → 8 units of rope form washing box → two-roller squeezer → rope form doffing
(Suggestion: its better add one set of centrifugal hydro extractor, one set of untwisting & opening machine, one set of hot air stenter setting machine.)

Continuous Multi Chamber Rope Washing Machine Main Technical Parameter

1. Feeding and outlet mode: open-width feeding → rope form squeezing outlet
2. Nominal width: 2400mm
3. Process speed: 20~60m/min
4. Heat source: steam 0.2~0.3Mpa
5. Working temperature: 70~98℃
6. Water consumption: max. 7.5m³/h
7. Steam consumption: max. 800kg/h
8. Drag mode: AC motor frequency control (Frequency converter is Mitsubishi, Japanese)
9. Installed power: around 45kw
10. Shape size: (LxWxH): 26000×2600×3600mm

Features of Continuous Multi Chamber Rope Washing Machine

1. Machine frame: Square frame is made of 14# and 10# channel steel, beautiful design.

2. Rope washing box:
Wallboard of open-width washing box and rope washing box are made of 2 mm SUS304 stainless steel(3 of the washing box adopts SUS321), high strength, corrosion resisting, external stiffener, internal splitter plate; tank bottom is slope shape, which is convient for textile slippage.
Open-washing box padder rollerφ250*225 (stainless steel roller) * 2600mm * 3. Roller of inter box: dia. Of upper rubber covered roller is 200mm, roller body adopts 16mm thickness seamless steel tube, surface turning left and right screw thread, first coated 5mm hard rubber layer, hardness Shore 100°A; outer coated with 13mm thickness soft rubber layer, hardness Shore 85°A, allowed hardness difference is ≤±2°; static balance verified precision of G6.3. Dia. of lower steel roller is 220mm, roller body adopts 18mm thickness seamless steel tube, outer coated with 3mm thickness stainless steel plate 1Gr18Ni9Ti(or sus321), after static balance verified, the surface finish is 1.6 micron.
Hexagonal roller: the textile squeezed, then into the tank through hexagonal roller, big dia. of hexagonal roller make the textile folded as undulate.
Drive: AC motor, frequency control; transmission power 4KW.

3. Synchronization: the whole machine synchronous control, each unit individual drive, the velocity coefficient of each unit can be proportional controlled to ensure each tank eveness store the cloth.

4. Temperature control methods: automatic temperature control or manual operation is chosen by user.

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